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6 Scandi Boho Ideas for Little Kids

Gift Guide Or Product Round Up Scandi Boho Items For Kids

6 Scandi Boho Ideas for Your Little Ones

If scandi boho is your style you definitely want to check out these 6 edgy products. We would certainly surround our kids with them if they were stil little. Although we must admit that one of our teenagers fell in love with the little purse by Donsje. And another with our etching of a Volkswagen Hippie Bus. So apparently you are never too old for timeless design.

Clockwise starting at the top

  1. A truly unique etching by studio DAS that vibes flower power and Californian dreaming all at once. In other words: a perfect match for your boho chique nursery or kids room :-). This etching was handprinted in a very limited edition. But if it sold out you might find your luck with one of the other original artworks. Like a lovely etching of a hippie VW Beetle. You can find them all at DAS art for Kids. 
  2. Too cute to be true: flared pants for your baby. They come in sizes 62/68 to 158/164. So they are even available for big sis. They are made from cotton and recycled material and are incredibly soft. Available directly at Little Hedonist.
  3. Our hearts melted when we spotted those timeless shoes by Petit Nord Copenhagen. Again, our kids are too old, but if they had to take their first steps we would definitely buy these ethically produced shoes. Available at many quality shops like Hippe Schoentjes. Or check out the site and store of Petit Nord Copenhagen directly.
  4. This flower chair seems like it was made for a scandi boho nursery or kids room. It is made from natural rotan and available at Wonder for Kids. (Tiny note: you have to pick it up at their store.So if you are outside of the Netherlands maybe search for a likewise product).
  5. There are many baskets out there, but this one by Danish brand Cam Cam stool our hearts. It seems a perfect match between color, material and the cute pompoms. You can order one at Kids and Moms. 
  6. Loved by toddlers as well as by teenagers: Toto Purse by Donsje. This 100% leather purse is handmade, fair-trade and measures 10x15cm. Available at Donsje. 

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Through DAS art for Kids studio DAS creates printmaking art for babies, toddlers and all those young at hearts. Timeless art that becomes a treasure for life. Click here or below to discover more.

Simca 1100
Etching Of A VW Beetle.
Orange 2CV

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