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About studio DAS

Studio DAS is an initiative by Daan and Astrid. Two Dutch sisters who love to work with their hands and drink cappuccino’s ;-). We create a wide variety of artwork. From small drypoint etchings for nursery and kids’ room to large drawings and everything in between. Our base is the art of drawing. From there we explore different techniques and materials. We use collage, printmaking, different kinds of paints, pencils, crayons and inks and mix them all together. For a nice selection of original art for nursery and kids’ room please visit our specialized Etsy shop. Interested in any of the other artworks displayed or commissioned work? Please contact us directly.

About Daan

Currently Daan is mainly exploring the art of drawing and painting human faces through studies and sketching. An art practice in itself. Trying to master the right proportions of a face fluently and to capture the essence of the model easily. But most of all it’s a search for her own voice by trying different art techniques, materials, color and composition.

About Astrid

June 2016 Astrid graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Arendonk with the short animation ‘Moving into stillness’. At this moment she continues her art education in the field of printmaking. Astrid is exploring the tension field between freedom and boundaries and at the same time she tries to work from a place of observing and doing instead of creating what something is supposed to look like.

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