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DAS Art for Kids: Original Art for Nursery and Kids’ Room

Do you want to surround your baby with original art? Welcome! You are at the right place. With DAS Art for Kids we offer art loving moms, dads and other grown ups the opportunity to buy original – yet affordable – art for children. Whereas reproductions can be beautiful but often lack soul, original art vibes that special energy. It shows the creative process in all its depth and richness. The soft thick paper. The ink. The imprint of the printing plate and of course the love it was made with :-).

Art for kids available in our Etsy shop

You can find our current collection in our Etsy shop. Every piece of art you find there is handmade and distinguishes itself by a timeless signature. So, are you looking for a unique piece of art for your nursery or kids’ room? Or do you want to give an original baby shower gift? Then please visit our shop and see which artworks are still available.

Nice to know

We use the drypoint technique in combination with chine-collé to create different handmade prints. In this way you always buy a unique piece of art.

Kudu 4 limited edition
angel fish number 5
zebra 3
wild dog puppy 4

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